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first time fashion sketch :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 3 10
Little whispers
Little whispers.
So silent and yet so strong.
So weak and yet so vulnerable.
Will anybody be listening to those little whispers?
Little whispers.
They tell a story.
They tell the truth.
They express your deepest emotions.
Will anybody care enough?
Little whispers.
You've been there when I was small.
You've been there when I was alone.
You've been there when I was afraid.
Will you be there when i’m near death?
Little whispers.
Your secret is enclosed in my heart.
Your secret will be carried by the wind.
Your secret means something to me.
Will you share your secret with me?
Little whispers.
I know everyone has you.
I know people abuse you.
I know some people trash you.
Will anybody understand your worth?
Little whispers.
I understand.
With my whole being.
Your small and yet valuable.
You will be carried in the wind and you will sleep deep within me until I’m ready for you to fly.
You will lead me to those who need me.
You will keep my deepest secrets and carry the
:iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 6 6
colorful rose :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 5 16
Dear Military and family,
To all the women who have lost there other half because of war or illness. May they rest in peace.
When I touched him, I felt happy.
Because he was mine.
Because he was there…
To hold me when I needed it.
To kiss me when I wanted it.
To listen to me when I had to be heard.
When I saw him, my heart raced.
Because he was mine.
Because he’s forever etched in my mind like…
His simple smile when he made me laugh.
His flexing muscles when he touched me.
His coffee stained tee-shirt, that I still wear to bed.
When I heard him, I couldn't help but smile.
Because he was mine
Because I know he loves me when…
He promised never to leave me.
He loved my family.
He fought for my freedom and the freedom of those I love.
He told me he loved me…
and then died proving it.
:iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 3 21
Photo on 52514 at 7.27 PM :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 2 3 Photo on 5414 at 7.53 PM :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 8 18 Me now. with some edit :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 4 49 after i played with the pic a bit :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 3 2 Photo on 5414 at 3.32 PM :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 7 65 Lost.... :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 6 2 Dont Whisper.... :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 8 6 henna final product 1 :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 4 2 henna trial 2 :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 3 4 henna trial one :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 6 6 arm calligraphy :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 1 15 I cant smile :iconlovelyambey:LovelyAmbey 1 9


Mature content
Erotic :iconfbw:FBW 51 29
Awkward :iconnikkichan16:NikkiChan16 5 120 Penguin Design :iconlucky978:Lucky978 1,230 49
My dream last night
This was originally written for my friend Jessie:
I had a dream about you guys.
I was at your place, with a girlfriend, and Fran offered us this marijuana
bong/tequila shot thing, where we had to inhale the weed smoke along with a shot of
I tried it, but kinda failed and looked stupid trying. You guys were kind of giggling
at my naivete, and we were all kind of having this spiritual type journey together
around a bonfire.
My "spirit" moved on to another dimension, where I was a bodyguard for a famous female
singer, and then I was shot and killed trying to protect her from a stalker, but I
survived because apparently I'm part of an alien race that rejuvenates on a micro-
cellular level when our bodies are mutilated/damaged; but then I woke up (with the
famous singer at my bed side, her name was "Madelaine", a blonde blue eyed beautiful
young girl) and my body had turned
:iconpyroxene-kids:Pyroxene-Kids 4 22
eating my finger :iconsarcophagus6:sarcophagus6 50 5 Chilly :iconmoni158:moni158 7,943 369 Tifa's Awkward Nap - Part 1 :iconronindude:RoninDude 10,452 1,850 Swim for me... :iconyohao88:Yohao88 452 79 nothing :iconerinbird:ErinBird 431 138 Journey - Warnlands :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 133 8
Within Myself
I keep my demon hidden,
From those around me.
I do not tell them of my pain.
I lie and make them believe I am fine.
But my madness flows into me,
I try to contain this soulless creature,
Keep it trapped inside.
Right underneath my skin.
I will not let anybody know,
Of this endless pain...
That has entered my soul.
Nobody can know...
But the madness continues,
To fill my mind and soul,
And does not stop as it overflows.
He will no longer stay hidden.
My demon is unleashed,
To wreak havoc upon those around me.
While they believe they are the unfortunate ones,
They do not see me begging within.
Trying to shout in the hopes that someone will hear,
But it is too late to call for help.
Because now my demon,
Is not the one who is trapped.
Hidden beneath the surface,
Bound and tormented,
I am now hidden...
Within myself.
:iconseraphicdestruction:SeraphicDestruction 12 7
Mississauga :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 4,047 288 Friends set you Free :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 24,152 2,155 Never Seen Stars :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 15,315 659 Broken Angel :iconbuckwulf:BuckWulf 581 66 Maria Amanda - Comfort Extension by AHK :iconabdollahhamodzadeh:AbdollahHamodzadeh 100 14
i found this one day and i know some people love dubstep but even if you dont you should watch this!! its absolutely beautiful!!!


(i do want to know how you got a rose to look like this!!) Anyways this picture is simple. The colors that make up the rose blend in we...

Fist of all I think there are only a few mistakes in your writing, (and I am not one to talk). Number 1, is you need to watch your capi...

i love the choice of colors and how sparkly it is. the sparkle adds to the picture itself and looks very well. i like the way you made ...

first of all i say that it needs indention's and paragraphs. it makes it appealing to the eyes more and makes the text seem like it flo...




LovelyAmbey's Profile Picture
Amber M.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

I am a very nice person that loves to make friends. But if you knew me in real life you would realize I am very outgoing and can be intimidating at times. I am a sucker for love and love to read about it!! I am writing a romantic fantasy book currently….. don’t know if it will be good enough to make the shelves though… so I love people and could probably talk about nothing for hours but personally I would rather listen to you! I love giving advice and a lot of people say I am weird in a good way


I am

5 feet 6 inches

1?? pounds (cant say. i would be seriously judged)

Brown hair with blond (natural) highlights. White and has brown eyes.


DADDY: ....

:iconninjawonders: :iconkittykat532: :iconnikkichan16: :icongearsfighter: :iconambertheneko: :iconvampirecatz:

BROTHERS: i have brothers!!!!!
:iconmagiccastle17: :iconsweetlyleader: :iconfabri111:

:iconmyalove16: :iconarisuta-chan:

CRUSH: :blush:
:iconkingmatt007: :iconwindforest:

FRIENDS: you guys are so awesome!! i dont know what i would do without you
:iconartzgeneration: :iconcatchadreambybrenda: :iconthreehornsone: :iconshadowalker728: :iconkilluanatsume: :iconask-butler-sebastian:

Ok my likes:
1. like being active
2. making friends
3. wolves and cats
4. being open to trying new things (besides food)
5. writing more than drawing
6. RP!!!!!
7. i like anime( and is always open to watching new ones)
9. Italian food!!
10. smiley faces :)
11. learning sign language!!

my dislikes:
1. JELLO!!!!!! ( i cant understand why people like this stuff)
2. not being active
3. really mean people that throw hermit crabs at you.
4. immature people
5. people who judge others without knowing them
6. horror movies (after i watch them. love watching them hate the nightmares they produce afterwards!!!!)
7. hate being depressed (i know nobody does)
8. hate coleslaw!!!
9. hate failing
10. hate it when people tell me what to do!!!
11. i HATE SKIRTS!!! and i only where dresses on certain occasions but they bother me less

_♥_♥___♥_♥_ Put this
♥___♥_♥___♥ heart
_♥___♥___♥_ on your
__♥_____♥__ page if
___♥___♥___ you love
____♥_♥____ someone
_____♥_____ Haha :3
Henry lmao. Wherever the bloody hell you are.
im sorry but my life has been so busy!!!! but i still want to talk to all of you. so please message me if you guys have an instagram and want to add me!!!! PLEASE NOTE ME!!!!


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you know how you have the option of getting the premium account by paying money or buying it with a lot of points. well i don't have any money so i'm asking for points instead!! i hope nobody minds but i really want to be able to ask for polls and make my page really coll looking for all my friends and all. more intriguing. please don't think low of me :( all i'm asking for though is donations and anything is appreciated!!! after it all i'm going to be writing a long journal entry giving a shout out to all the people who donated!! oh and for any new people to my page this is how it works... you watch me, i watch you, you comment on something, i watch you, you donate, i watch you, i look on your page and your awesome, i watch you, you like doctor who or anime, i watch you, you want to be friends, I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND TOO!!!!!

ok so here is what i will do to everybody that donates!!
1. every ten people who donate i will give a shout out to those people and write a paragraph about what i think about them.
2. every person that donates i will answer any ten questions you have and post a comment on there page on how much i appreciate them.
3. i will give you an icon looking thing... like this

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